What We Do

Our Skills

We use Lean and Six Sigma tools to clearly define objectives and timescales, with a focus on return on investment. We are confident that our skills deliver and are willing to work on a risk and reward basis.

Your lean six sigma academy

Wherever we work we strive to create a positive legacy. We ensure that our client teams have the skills, knowledge and capability to develop and sustain a continuous improvement culture. We work with senior teams to ensure they are confident in project selection and sponsoring aspiring practitioners. Training content is typically delivered over a 5 to 10 day period followed by three months of mentoring to ensure successful project completion. Each trainee is required to deliver bottom-line benefits, using the methodology and tools from their training, in order to be accredited. This commercial focus drives the candidate’s understanding as they put their new tools into practice.

We ensure that our approach is integrated into existing governance and a typical return on investment for a 14 week programme is 10:1.


All of our training programmes are developed in line with specific requests from customers and can be one-day events or longer term, in-house assignments. These could take the form of classroom-based training events, workplace workshops or seminars to sell the principles to the wider audience. We advise companies in making and implementing strategic decisions to ensure performance is enhanced and can also support applications to access government funding.

Our trainers are passionate about what they do and always ensure an enjoyable and stimulating experience with lasting results. We don’t just run events, we challenge businesses and individuals to prove they can implement the learning gained and follow this up with key business metrics.


In excellent organisations the whole is more effective than the sum of the parts.
For an organisation to be effective it is essential that each part is in good working order. Each part must work conjointly with other parts for the total organisation to perform optimally.

At Revive we use this ethos to align resources, improve communication, productivity and effectiveness and achieve strategic goals.

We can help any organisation develop towards organisational excellence.


Spending too much time in meetings? Getting to the end of the day and wondering where the time has gone? Do you ever consider the cost or get frustrated about how little is achieved in meetings you attend? We have a range of excellent tools and techniques which can drastically cut non-productive time and bring focus and urgency to the things that really matter.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We have successfully applied Lean Six Sigma methodology in enhancing, upgrading or reconfiguring ERP systems such as SAP. Can you afford to overlook the potential of your ERP investment? How different would your business be if you could ensure that you always had the right information, in the right format, at the right time?