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Lean Construction

Background & Challenge

As community regeneration specialists, Keepmoat had for sometime been experimenting with the application of “Lean Techniques” and were keen to invest in a more sustainable approach resulting in greater impact than had previously been achieved. They looked inside the construction sector and to some of the more well known consultancies before opting for the Revive Associates proposition.


The Revive team initially worked with Bramall Construction, part of the Keepmoat Group and began by Value Stream Mapping the business at a high-level to identify where processes could be improved.


The team introduced business level and site ‘control rooms’, a mechanism for identifying issues and concerns in key areas such as health and safety, quality, delivery and cost. The control rooms make issues highly visible so they can be resolved quickly and effectively. Data from site control rooms feed into the business control room to allow strategic decisions to be made and for the business processes to be continually improved. One important characteristic of the control room culture is an environment of ‘no blame, no excuse’. This encourages ownership and openness when issues arise. The team also introduced the eight discipline (8D) problem solving process which is a robust and systematic tool helping to avoid common errors arising during the problem solving process


The team worked closely with the Site Team at Bramall’s scheme of 91 Code 6 homes in West Yorkshire and the scheme is currently running to schedule, with a marked reduction in waste. Keepmoat selected Bramall to trial this and it is now being rolled out to other Keepmoat delivery companies.

Dave Hughes, Keepmoat Efficiency Director, commented: “Revive projected a fresh and realistic proposition from the outset. They’re not advisors but doers. They quickly became part of our team, sat in our office and worked alongside our people”


Reviving the Bramall Way – The Keepmoat Voice 2010
Bramall’s scheme of 91 Code 6 homes in West Yorkshire